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It is THE secret to improving your work and personal experience, being more effective and having fun feeling part of a common effort, of something bigger. Learn more about the tools and values of teamworking with us, join our team coaching sessions!

We thought of this site as an open laboratory on team coaching and team thinking. Enjoy with us!

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Continuous research and insight into teamwork

Grow and explore your potential as a team. Leverage your strengths, develop your leadership, find your framework, enhance your language and define your vision; this is our method in a few steps.

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Courses, seminars, articles and posts on teamwork

Read and learn many new aspects and interesting facts about team play, grow and evolve as Team Leader and Team Member, here you can find references, articles and news.

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Sharing teamworking experiences

Join in our on-site activities. We organize seminars, workshops, events, speeches, as well as collect material for publications and videos to share with people who never stop being curious about how to improve a team experience!

The Book

Il Team Giusto

Teamwork, leadership, work organization are some of the concepts we often hear about in today’s discussions about work culture and management training.

“The Right Team” wants to be a practical and accessible summary that gives the right tools to those who want to be a team leader or give their best in team work.

Our brains and hearts are naturally inclined to teamwork and sharing. This is what we like to talk about and this is what we are continuing to “investigate”.

We have developed a method, and we are refining it every day with the help of exceptional talents.

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Stefano Susani & Paolo Chinetti Authors of the book

Activities and resources

What do we do

Designing the team

The team lives in an ecosystem that defines and conditions it, having members as the most important resource. We will meet to get to know each other and understand the strengths of the team and its members

Finding solutions

Together we explore critical situations, the desire to grow, conflicting relationships, the ability to emerge, express and bring out the personal and managerial perspective in the team

Training, workshops, courses and seminars

We continuously develop training content to make team success and personal satisfaction faster to achieve. You learn by doing, these activities have learning as their main objective


The best way to learn is to be curious and constantly confront each other. This is why the Q&A sections are so important to us. With your questions and your doubts we all grow together!


Reviews and constructive criticism help growt


Specific articles on the world of coaching and teambuilding


News to enrich education and culture


We create seminars to learn and grow together


By doing you learn! That’s what workshops are for


Events focused on coaching and team building

Interventions as moderators

We take part in events to moderate and energize them

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Our articles


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