Our developing resources

Our resources

Team development and personal leadership are rich and inspiring areas that we have come to know in the field, by doing. Surprising results can be achieved with team coaching, stimulating training and the right advice. In recent years we have been focusing on three important aspects for us:

  • Continuous research and in-depth study of teamwork
  • Courses, seminars, articles and posts on teamwork
  • Sharing of teamwork experiences

Use this page to discover the activities that are most ideal or related to you and contact us for any stimulus or advice. It will be a pleasure to discuss and try to get you in the mood of the right team as soon as possible!

Continuous research and in-depth study of teamwork

Continuous research and in-depth study of teamwork

Grow and explore your potential as a team. Leverage your strengths, develop your leadership, find your framework, enhance your language and define your vision; is our method in a few steps.

Research and in-depth analysis are the main points that allow us to grow in this context and that allow team leader and members to grow both as a team and personally and obtain better results.

The courses, seminars, articles and posts on teamwork

The courses, seminars, articles and posts on teamwork

Here are some seminars we have developed in the field:

Click here to find courses, seminars etc…

You will also find on the site:

  • Reviews – These, as well as feedbacks, are the bread and butter of anyone who wants to improve
  • Articles – Information bits and pieces that we feel are relevant to better understand the teams’ world
  • News – The world of team building is constantly expanding, these news will help keeping up to date with it

Sharing teamwork experiences

Sharing teamwork experiences

To establish an agile team leadership and share the mechanisms and methods of teamwork, we organize:

  • Workshops – The best way of learning is by doing, this is what workshops are designed for.
  • Events – Special and specific occasions that focus on various aspects of team building.
  • Interventions as moderators – We will moderate through interventions to ensure constructive discussions.

The Q&A section

The Q&A section

Q & a is an integral part of the team coaching experience. All of your training steps, the improvement of team culture and also the activities that derive from it, must be consolidated by clarifying any possible doubt. In this regard, our community area will answer most of the questions that may arise and will also be an opportunity to improve the next sessions. For this reason, do not hesitate to contact us for any doubts or concerns about a stimulating world, where there is always something to discover!

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